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VIC 3438, Australia
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About Us

Truss Tech Aust. was formed in 1999, by owner and builder Remo Polidoro.
It initially began as a small scale truss plant in Coburg, that employed no more than 10 workers in the factory and office combined.
Since Truss Tech Aust. was established it has grown into a medium to large scale operation. It currently employs approximately 30 workers combined.
In 2001, it was time to upgrade the facilities of where the trusses were made. A business decision was made to relocate and upsize the manufacturing department.
The decision was made to relocate to New Gisborne ( North-west of Melbourne ).
A new factory was custom built to suite all the requirements for a free flowing and safe work environment. With the factory now in New Gisborne, and the main design office still located in Coburg, this gives Truss Tech Aust. two offices in which customers can make contact with our company.

With the new factory came state of the art machinery :
  • The latest up to date saw, The Hundeggar, was installed late 2010. It was built by the Germans, who are the leaders in this type of technology. This saw enables the factory to have timber members cut millimetre perfect, which in-turn makes the assembly of trusses extremely easy and therefore the product will be built correct first time
  • Two of the latest table presses for roof truss manufacture were also installed. The Mini 10 and Mini 8. Donít let the names of these presses fool you.The Mini 10 is 17 metres long and approximately 4 metres wide. This means we can build trusses that some others canít.
  • A second floor / posi truss press was purchased to keep up with demand.
With the building industry constantly having its ups and downs, Truss Tech Aust continues to have a high volume, steady work flow. This is attributed to:
  • A quality product at a fair and reasonable price.
  • A highly experienced team, both in the Coburg and Gisborne offices
  • Builders who are consistently satisfied with our product.
  • Owner builders who happily recommend Truss Tech Aust. to friends, family and neighbours.