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Floor Trusses

This product is generally used between the first and second levels on residential dwellings. Mainly due to the ease in which services can be passed through the floor trusses. They can also be used on sub-floors, but this is sometimes an over-kill, when a cheaper alternative can be used. Speak to our sales team for alternatives.

Multinail Multi-Strut floor trusses have metal diagonal webs for easy handling as they are lightweight. They are ideal for shallower trusses as there is more room to accommodate plumbing than with timber webs. Multi-Struts are made to nominal depths depending on the height of the metal web used. These sizes are 250 / 300 & 400mm deep. The metal web system is the most cost effective

Multinail timber web floor trusses are a product using timber webs and chords. They can be manufactured to any depth. 300mm deep is the most common for residential floors and 400mm deep for commercial floors. Timber web can be designed for all common floor loads including loads up to 5kpa or point loads up to 6.7kN. Multinail software permits open duct spaces to be detailed anywhere along the length of the floor truss under specific design. The open webs allow easy fixing of electrical, plumbing, air ducts and energy services.

Multinail also have a product called Steelwood floor trusses, this product is only available to Multinail clients. It is a product in which the floor truss can span further distances with substantially less ‘bounce’ in the centre. In some cases where our competitors are not able to span the larger distances, Steelwoods will do the job. This is also the recommended product when designing floor for commercial projects. Multi-strut floor trusses are also suitable for use as roof rafters for all roofing materials, although this depends on roof pitch. Site measures are generally required when it comes to building floor trusses, as the product is built to suit site conditions i.e.; steel and timber beams.