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VIC 3438, Australia
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Lic. No. DB-U28614

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Wall Frames

Pre-fabricated wall frames are known as a fast, economical way to construct domestic and commercial projects. Our wall frame department consists of an ex-carpenter turned designer to design your frames with site knowledge as an added bonus. The factory uses the highest quality materials in the construction of your wall frames. We also employ a carpenter and apprentices in the factory to ensure that frames are built to a high standard

Wall frames include all steel and brace board bracing, in conjunction with the latest AS.1684
Site measures are available when slabs or sub floors vary to what is shown on the plans. When measuring for extensions, wall heights are also checked on site to match existing.

All timber members and lintels are designed in our office with an engineered design program to carry all relevant loads.
Pre-fabricated wall frames are fast to install and there is no waste as everything is built to suit your individual site conditions.
As has been a problem since the Romans built the colosseum, theft can be problem and may occur, no matter how secure your site is. With pre-fab wall frames, there is very little loose material on site, therefore site theft is minimal.